What is ORI Robotic Furniture?

Is ORI Robotic Furniture The Future of Hospitality Casegoods?

You’ve heard us talk about the footprint of hotels getting smaller; especially in more densely populated, urban areas. 

You’ve also heard us talk about the Best Hotel Design Tips for Small Hotel Rooms and the convenience that comes with utilizing multi-functional furniture in your custom, hotel casegoods design.

But what if the future of hotel casegoods lies in ORI Robotic Furniture?

What is ORI Robotic Furniture?

ORI, Inc is a robotic-furniture company based in Boston, MA that has a mission to make small space living, livable. The system, originally born in an MIT research lab, and then called “CityHome,” has transformed the way we think about furniture configuration in small spaces.

Today, the invention has been renamed, “Ori Systems” -- steaming from the the Japanese art of origami.

Current ORI robotic furniture offerings include: 

  1. Studio Suite: A Trans-formative Room Divider.
  2. Cloud Bed: The Murphy Bed of the future.
  3. Pocket Closet: A Walk In Closet Anywhere.

Studio Suite Video


Source: Ori Pocket Closet from Ori on Vimeo.

Cloud Bed Video

Source: Ori Cloud Bed from Ori on Vimeo.

Pocket Closet Video

Source: Ori Pocket Closet from Ori on Vimeo.

How Does the ORI System Work?

We have seen modular furniture design and construction used for years in the office environment. With a little brute force, one was able to change the layout and storage capabilities of a workstation. Seems easy enough, right? Wrong.

What makes ORI robotic furniture different from the traditional approach to modular furniture is the technology-focused operating system.The units themselves run on tracks that require only electric from a traditional outlet.

To move the unit, you can choose to use the Ori Square, ORI app, and voice commands (accessible Google Home or Amazon Alexa devices).

Pushing the boundaries of design is the future; from the latest in communication technology, to the blurring line between fashion and wearable technology, and the continued advancements that will inevitably lead to the introduction of an advanced self-driving car.

In the ever evolving world, one thing remains constant: the need to work with a manufacturer who has the capability to bring these designs to life.

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