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Hospitality FF&E: Solid Surface Vs. Quartz Furniture

Some materials used in hotel casegoods and other guestroom furnishings seem to have a rivalry of sorts. 


7 Misconceptions About Hotel Laminate Casegoods

Regardless of a hotel’s star rating, step into any guestroom and you’ll undoubtedly find its casegoods and FF&E (fixtures, furniture & equipment) are made from a wide variety of materials. Suffice to say, laminate casegoods are almost a given in a guestroom or other part of a hotel. 


3 FF&E Storage Considerations

Hoteliers and hotel designers often order FF&E products far ahead of when they actually need them.

For planning purposes during a hotel renovation or redesign, this is a smart move -- your FF&E is ready and waiting for you, and production delays have little impact.

But what about the time between when your order is finished and you’re able to receive it?

Proper FF&E storage makes a big difference in order quality and longevity.


Cost to Build a Boutique Hotel From the Ground Up

According to Cushman & Wakefield, the average cost of building a hotel ranges from $115,000 to $1.5 million per room. That takes hotels at every level from midscale to luxury, including boutique hotel projects.

This is a huge variance, and the price that’s accurate for your hotel largely depends on a few things:

  • What type of experience you want to give to your guests.
  • Where the hotel is.
  • Design considerations desired to complement your brand.

How to Build an Eco-Friendly Hotel with Green FF&E

You cannot refute the facts. Americans have transformed into “Eco-friendly” mavens with everything they do - including travel. So much so that they take the environment into consideration when booking a hotel.


Boutique Hotels vs. Chain Hotels: How Does Design Differ?

From industry cost analysis...and guest expectations, we’ve covered it all when it comes to the differences between boutique hotels vs. chain hotels.


Custom Luggage Bench + 3 Other Items to Design for Great Guest Spaces

Having the opportunity to travel - for work, leisure, or #bileisure - usually means staying at a hotel.