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Vetting Hotel Furniture Supply Companies? Don’t Forget These 8 Things

You’ve already made the first big decision; you’ve either decided to begin your journey in hospitality or expand your current hospitality portfolio. 

Either way, congratulations!

As with any major project, you’ll need to assemble a core team that will help bring your vision to life -- and also on time and on budget. That team will likely include a hotel casegoods manufacturer.


Durable Hotel Interior Design Ideas for High-Traffic Areas

(Editor’s note: This article on hotel interior design ideas is a collaboration between Dahlstrom Metal Mouldings and Artone LLC.)


Hospitality FF&E: Solid Surface Vs. Quartz Furniture

Some materials used in hotel casegoods and other guestroom furnishings seem to have a rivalry of sorts. 


Timeline: What Happens When Your Hotel FF&E Order is Received

At face value, once you place an order for custom hotel casegoods furniture, it’s natural to think that the manufacturer fires up their tools and equipment and starts building your new furnishings. 


7 Misconceptions About Hotel Laminate Casegoods

Regardless of a hotel’s star rating, step into any guestroom and you’ll undoubtedly find its casegoods and FF&E (fixtures, furniture & equipment) are made from a wide variety of materials. Suffice to say, laminate casegoods are almost a given in a guestroom or other part of a hotel. 


Value Engineering Your Hotel’s Laminate Casegoods

Unless your goal is to spend top dollar, no one starts a hotel project looking to liquidate and exceed its budget. 


Guide to Specifying Hotel Laminate Casegoods

Regardless of the size and scope of a hotel project, furniture – especially pieces that are custom designed – is one of the biggest expenses. 


High-Pressure Vs. Low-Pressure Laminates & Their Applications

By appearances, it doesn’t look any different than the materials it’s designed after. And thanks to modern manufacturing techniques and technology, it holds its own on the performance and longevity fronts. 


Hotel Room Design Trends & Location in 2022

The world is reopening. And after nearly two years of an increasing sense of pent-up demand, guests are looking to travel again.