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5 Hospitality Design Mistakes that are Common (but Avoidable)


Even the best hoteliers have made hospitality design mistakes (maybe you’re a hospitality pro who can attest to this).

For any well-travelled individual, the hotel guestroom experience can start to become less than memorable - each guestroom could be in any hotel, anywhere in the world. Even the most creative hoteliers have fallen into the routine of thinking “standards” when it comes to guestroom configuration, design, and aesthetics.

Pros & Cons of Choosing an American Furniture Manufacturer for Your Hotel

Everyone understands the alluring power of the “almighty dollar.” Everything in every industry has a bottom line - every product an associated cost, every choice a quality consequence.

Hoteliers must choose during each new build or renovation project between an American furniture manufacturer and an overseas option. It’s a decision that can’t be made lightly, as it affects your wallet and the quality your guests expect.

FF&E Installation: Preparing Your Guestrooms with the Guest in Mind

Your hotel project is approaching the finish line. All your hard work is becoming a reality.

As you’re watching the final work get done on the flooring and wall covering within your rooms, you are probably also thinking about the design punch list, specifically the critical FF&E installation component. What is actually included in my FF&E installation package? Are my installers really qualified for guest room installation?

Crafting a Hotel Marketing Plan That’s Worth its Weight in Gold

You may have a beautiful hotel in an even more desirable location. You may have also crafted the perfect contemporary design with stylish, comfortable furniture to make guests feel at home.

But do travelers know about it? What’s enticing them toward your hospitality?

6 Things the Hospitality Industry Learned in 2017

It was the first full year a hotelier sat in the Oval Office. The three-headed battle grew more intense between mainstream hotels, home-sharing companies, and online travel agencies. Hotel mergers, acquisitions, and soft brand openings dominated the market. Technology expanded further to improve the guest experience.

4 Hospitality Design/Management Failures to Avoid in 2018

You’ve likely experienced failure before. Very few professionals in any industry reach the pinnacle of success without falling flat along the journey, despite their best efforts.

Hospitality design requires thinking beyond the design. Before you achieve that hotel project with the dream revenue stream, you must first master a detailed administrative agenda.

6 Hospitality Trends Coming in 2018

The industry evolves subtly each year. Small changes in business practices, design, and philosophy become vogues and trends. You might barely recognize a concept from even 5 years ago.

How will you make your mark on the hospitality world in 2018? Are you planning to break ground on a new boutique hotel project? Is a renovation in the works to update an outdated design?

Get inspired.

Wood Veneer vs Laminate for a Modern Hospitality Furniture Design

Differences of opinion and preference are common when it comes to deciding between laminate and wood veneer for modern hospitality furniture. Ultimately, it’s important to let your project’s scale and long-term needs dictate the choice.

Choosing a Hotel Furniture Installation & Surveying Provider: What to Look For


It’s always a good idea to have an extra set of experienced eyes on your hotel project. Even the greatest hotel owners in the industry need multiple perspectives to ensure a successful project. 

5 Hotel Project Tips That Will Improve Your Entire Supply Chain

Do you want your hotel project to be a success? Of course you do. But you have to bring in other people to make it come to life, which means certain things are out of your control once you choose your vendors.

That means you need to control these things before they turn into issues for your supply chain. The tips in this article will help you streamline five areas of your hotel project:

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