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Future Trends in the Hospitality Industry: Casegoods Furniture

Hotel guests today want to experience the best of many different worlds. Hotel guests of tomorrow will still want the same experience. Future guests, however, will want even more streamlined and technologically tailored to them during their stay.

But this raises plenty of bigger questions.

How do you please anticipated guests and their needs when it’s nearly impossible to know exactly what they’ll be? How do you reimagine hotel furniture to cover a range of form-and-function experiences? Is there a way to future-proof your investment in casegoods?


Trends in Hospitality Design That Appeal to All Ages

Exhausted from a cross-country trip, a grandfather checks into his hotel room in Boston and sits down on the bed. His two grandchildren are eager to hop in the pool, but he wants to take a minute to relax in the familiar surroundings.

Out west in Seattle, an experienced businesswoman checks into her hotel room and immediately scans the place for cultural calling cards. She’s traveling for work, but she really wants to explore what makes this hotel, within this modern city, so wonderfully unique.

Down south, an elder Millenial couple with their young family are getting settled in their room that offers the perfect amount of togetherness and privacy at the same time.


Finding Your Hospitality Casegoods Manufacturer

In a perfect world, you wouldn't have to work hard to find the right hotel casegoods manufacturer. You'd already know them and have completed a few different projects together.


Hospitality Furniture Trends 2024 Still Making Waves


If there's one thing we've seen in our 5+ decades in the casegoods business it's this: hotel design trends – including those for casegoods and furniture – are always changing.

This should come as no surprise. The aesthetics you're considering for your hotel and its furnishings likely look nothing like what they would have if it was 1920 (unless you're going for a Gatsby motif for your guest rooms).


Selecting Your Hotel FF&E Installer: What to Look For


Whether you’re working on a new build or a refresh, hotel projects are complex. And they usually involve multiple entities to complete – everyone from contractors to designers. 


Vetting Hotel Furniture Supply Companies? Don’t Forget These 8 Things

You’ve already made the first big decision; you’ve either decided to begin your journey in hospitality or expand your current hospitality portfolio. 

Either way, congratulations!

As with any major project, you’ll need to assemble a core team that will help bring your vision to life -- and also on time and on budget. That team will likely include a hotel casegoods manufacturer.