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The industry evolves subtly each year. Small changes in business practices, design, and philosophy become vogues and trends. You might barely recognize a concept from even 5 years ago.

How will you make your mark on the hospitality world in 2018? Are you planning to break ground on a new boutique hotel project? Is a renovation in the works to update an outdated design?

Get inspired.

Wood Veneer vs Laminate for a Modern Hospitality Furniture Design

Differences of opinion and preference are common when it comes to deciding between laminate and wood veneer for modern hospitality furniture. Ultimately, it’s important to let your project’s scale and long-term needs dictate the choice.

Choosing a Hotel Furniture Installation & Surveying Provider: What to Look For


It’s always a good idea to have an extra set of experienced eyes on your hotel project. Even the greatest hotel owners in the industry need multiple perspectives to ensure a successful project. 

4 Essential Hotel Project Tips to Improve Your Supply Chain

Your manufacturer’s experience, skill, and industry knowledge of a hotel’s construction site is vital to the final outcome of your hotel project. This is also true when your napkin sketch comes into focus and installation is the next and final step.

4 Hospitality Furniture Scheduling Plans Your Vendor Should Stick To

Picture this: You’re at the site of your new hotel project, and the deadline has you sweating. You look down at your watch. Where’s that delivery truck with your order of hotel furniture? 

8 Supply Chain Benefits Of Domestic Hotel Furniture

Tightening your budget sometimes makes it hard to pass up cheap manufacturing from overseas.  

However, offshore manufacturing is only cheap on the surface. All things considered, there are a number of reasons to purchase from an American manufacturer instead. Here are a few to consider as you craft your dream hotel project:

3 Hotel Furniture Manufacturing Standards that Bring Quality & Financial Rewards

If you want your dream hotel to come to life, your manufacturer must be ready for whatever you throw at them.

What Percentage of Hotel Construction Costs Should Go to Furniture?

All hotel projects have a budget. From construction to final installation and inspection every dollar is to be accounted for. When calculating your hotel costs these variables will play a major role:

Meeting Hotel ADA Requirements to Benefit All Guests

Why should a person with disabilities struggle from what should be the comfort of their hotel room? You’re right, they shouldn’t. You can’t afford to be inhospitable in the hospitality industry.

Hotel Design Trends: The Future of Casegoods Furniture

Hotel guests today want to experience the best of many different worlds. Hotel guests of tomorrow will want the same experience - but even more streamlined and technologically tailored to them.

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