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Hotel Development 101: How to Increase Your Hotel’s Resale Value

You’re in hotel development to make money. From Step 1 when you build or purchase your hotel to the Final Step when it comes time to cash in your chips, there are critical steps you must take to maximize your ROI and your hotel’s resale value.


What Should Multifunctional Furniture in a Hotel Room Include?

How often do hotel guests today actually use that huge walk-in wardrobe? That dresser? The minibar? How about even the nightside stand drawer?


Your Ultimate Guide to 3D Laminate in Hospitality Furnishings (+ Tips to Design with 3DL)

Imagine you’re walking into a hotel guest room. You insert your key card, get the green light, and turn the handle. Entering the space, you’re quickly surrounded by familiar items: a bed with bedside tables, dressers or a wardrobe unit, a desk, and so on.


7 Customized Hotel Bedroom Furniture Material & Accessory Styles Guests Love

The days of the standard, run-of-the-mill hotel stay are coming to an end. Sure, there will always be economical options and roadside stops for guests who simply need a place to lay their heads. But hospitality trends today require character and personality to enhance the guest experience.


Choosing Customized Hotel Bedroom Furniture vs. Catalog Furniture Collections

You’ve made so many decisions by the time your hotel project nears the finish line. Over the course of months (or even years) you’ve successfully:

  • Navigated budgetary concerns
  • Chosen a “dream team” of vendors and suppliers
  • Hand-picked aesthetic elements from carpet/drape schemes to drink coasters
  • & Everything in between

Improve Your Hotel Furniture Design & Enhance Guest Experience [CHECKLIST]

Your hotel furniture design needs to meet modern guest expectations. It also needs to fulfill your vision while meeting industry standards for functionality and aesthetics. This AWS hotel furniture design checklist is your key to success.


How Will Steel & Aluminum Tariffs Affect the Hospitality Industry?

The short- and long-term impacts of the Trump administration’s recently enacted steel and aluminum tariffs remain to be seen. To the hospitality industry, tariffs could either actually level the playing field between domestic companies and foreign competitors (as Trump intends) or create a greater overall struggle to build and produce (as tariff opponents fear).


Are Uncomfortable Hospitality Chairs (& Other Furniture) Making Your Hotel Guests Unhappy?

Uncomfortable furniture within your hospitality design is unacceptable. Whether it’s an awkwardly designed hospitality chair or a mattress that’s far too soft, your hotel guests will notice.


8 Hotel Technology Trends Guests Want at Their Fingertips

Let’s start with WiFi. Joking aside, if you haven’t completed that step yet (and your hotel’s not a bonafide nature retreat) you’re about a decade behind the curve.

Guest-centric hotel technology trends today are more complex than ever before. They may require pricey initial investments for hoteliers, but the financial rewards are vast.


4 Cost-Conscious Hotel Furniture Design Tips for Style & Longevity

Let’s balance all the considerations that go into a beautiful, functional, and durable hospitality design project. Of course, financial considerations delineate what’s possible and what’s realistic. But hotel furniture can be engineered and manufactured to meet your desired quality and aesthetic appeal standards.

Here’s how to get on the same page with your custom furniture manufacturer to achieve a hospitality design that stands the test of time.