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Choosing a Hotel FF&E Installer: What to Look For


Whether it's a new build or a refresh, hotel projects are complex. And they usually involve multiple entities – from contractors to designers. 


Mastering Your Hotel Casegoods Supply Chain Strategy

One of the biggest variables that impact a hotel project is when other people or service providers enter the equation. And it’s hard to complete a hotel project of any sort without involving outside entities. 


Wood Veneer Vs. Laminate Casegoods: Everything You Should Know

Two of the most common materials used in hospitality casegoods, wood veneer and laminate furniture pieces are favorite options for hotel owners and designers. 


Hotel FF&E Storage: A Mathematical Evaluation

In a perfect world, you’d be ready to receive your order of hotel casegoods as soon as it was ready. Your hotel furniture would be carefully loaded onto trucks and taken directly to your property. And a crew would be waiting on-site at your property to place and install it. 


How FF&E Installation Helps You Cut Hotel Construction Costs

From a simple bathroom refresh in a guest room to a hotel lobby overhaul, there’s nothing more infuriating than spending more money than you have to. 


Laminate Casegoods: Proper Care & Maintenance

Whether you’re redesigning a hotel or building a brand-new one, hospitality casegoods are a substantial portion of any project’s budget. 


5 Sustainable Hospitality Furniture Materials (& 3 That Aren't)

There’s a color at your hotel that more guests care about. 

It doesn’t matter what your overall design scheme or color palette is, this color can make all the difference in how they’ll feel about lodging at your hotel. 

The color? 



How to Make a Hotel FF&E Installer’s Job a Breeze

Imagine being one of the head NASA scientists working to send the Curiosity Rover to Mars.

After years of testing, planning, and working within a tight budget, the robot is just minutes away from being launched into space.

But hold on. Despite all your preparations, someone forgot to install its mechanical arms months ago. And they forgot to mention it. The rover’s trip to another planet will have to wait. And your team now has to spend time and money to get the probe and launch ready for another time.