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Future Trends in the Hospitality Industry: Casegoods Furniture

Hotel guests today want to experience the best of many different worlds. Hotel guests of tomorrow will still want the same experience. Future guests, however, will want even more streamlined and technologically tailored to them during their stay.

But this raises plenty of bigger questions.

How do you please anticipated guests and their needs when it’s nearly impossible to know exactly what they’ll be? How do you reimagine hotel furniture to cover a range of form-and-function experiences? Is there a way to future-proof your investment in casegoods?


7 Misconceptions About Hotel Laminate Casegoods

Regardless of a hotel’s star rating, step into any guestroom and you’ll undoubtedly find its casegoods and FF&E (fixtures, furniture & equipment) are made from a wide variety of materials. Suffice to say, laminate casegoods are almost a given in a guestroom or other part of a hotel. 


Value Engineering Your Hotel’s Laminate Casegoods

Unless your goal is to spend top dollar, no one starts a hotel project looking to liquidate and exceed its budget. 


Wood Veneer Vs. Laminate Casegoods: Everything You Should Know

Two of the most common materials used in hospitality casegoods, wood veneer and laminate furniture pieces are favorite options for hotel owners and designers. 


How to Make a Hotel FF&E Installer’s Job a Breeze

Imagine being one of the head NASA scientists working to send the Curiosity Rover to Mars.

After years of testing, planning, and working within a tight budget, the robot is just minutes away from being launched into space.

But hold on. Despite all your preparations, someone forgot to install its mechanical arms months ago. And they forgot to mention it. The rover’s trip to another planet will have to wait. And your team now has to spend time and money to get the probe and launch ready for another time. 


Precautions Hospitality Furniture Manufactures Take For Cleanliness

As the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, the safety and well-being of hospitality employees and customers remains first priority.


Made in America: Jamestown, NY Furniture Industry (Part 2)

Jamestown is no stranger to the furniture business. In fact, one of the westernmost cities in New York was once dubbed the “Furniture Capital of the World,” as furniture manufacturing was its predominant industry.


50 Years of Furniture Part 1: We’ve Come So Far

We’ve officially begun a new year, a new decade, and as we typically consider these factors -- a “new beginning.” As many of us are planning for the future, we can’t help but take a minute to reflect on the past and how far we’ve come. Unarguably, furniture design has been a part of the human experience since the beginning of history.

And while one may say that we are a bit biased on the topic, we feel it’s important to build our future to start this new year by looking back at our history and the history of the furniture industry as a whole.