What is Hospitality Furniture?

Seems so simple. Yet answering the question, “what is hospitality furniture?” requires a great amount of detail.

Hospitality furniture (a.k.a. commercial furniture) is product you will find in a hotel, restaurant or a commercial setting within high-traffic areas. Examples of this include, but are not limited to; headboards, nightstands, coffee tables, vanities, entertainment units, dining tables, chairs, etc.

So, what makes hospitality furniture different than furniture you would find in your home?


contemporary coffee table


Hospitality furniture, unlike residential furniture, is known for its ability to resist wear and tear from constant use for long periods of time. Most importantly, it must undergo stability, durability, and weight testing to meet commercial-grade standards.

Hospitality furniture is also designed to be easily maintained and have long-lasting resilience. Many major brands with the hospitality industry will require owners to upgrade their hotel furniture every 8-10 years (Note: this also happens so designs within the hotel room are kept current).

A qualified hospitality furniture manufacture understands and can educate you on how these requirements impact your project. Do your homework, ask if your current manufacturer complies with current AWI and FSC standards.

Upgrade Your Hotel Furniture Project

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By working with manufacturers who comply with certification standards, hoteliers receive benefits, such as:

Hotel Suite Bar           Hotel Suite

There is no denying that true, high-quality,“hospitality furniture” comes at a price. Remember, you’re not only paying for durable materials, you are also investing in the skilled manufacturer who makes the furniture. Spending a little more money in the upfront is likely to save you money in the long run; meaning, you will not need to spend money on repairs or replacement pieces.

If you are working on a hospitality furniture project and you would like to discuss your current design and potential cost-saving methods, contact us for a complimentary value-engineering session.