Smart Hotel Design: How Can a Headboard Have It All?

The hotel guest of today - and the future - want it all: an attractive aesthetic and a room that's both comfortable and built to seamlessly address their needs.

No furniture piece has more ability to do this than the quintessential centerpiece of the home-away-from-home: the hotel headboard. Your eyes are not deceiving you, we said the headboard! Not only does the headboard set the design mode for a hotel room, it offers ample opportunity to implement smart hotel design into every room.

Smart Hotel Design is Power-full Design

One of the biggest pain points for travelers is having a place to recharge their various mobile and digital devices as they sleep. With the smartphone pressed into service showing anything from favorite Netflix shows to video-chatting with family to setting a trustworthy alarm for the morning, power outlets are essential.

Headboards that feature ports for traditional USB and Apple device lightning cables as well as micro-USB and the newest USB-C hookups will ensure that no guest needs to ever worry about running out of battery power overnight.

Catering to Light Sleepers

An unfamiliar room with different sounds and lighting levels can trigger insomnia in even the most tired of guests. What better way to lull them to sleep than with a headboard made specifically for that purpose?

Smart hotel design incorporates technology components into the headboard itself, such as EOS panels that glow a soft red - the color shown in studies to have the strongest effect on combating insomnia and maintaining low-light vision.

A Window to the World

Flat-screen panels are becoming so precise and compelling in their imagery that it's only natural they make their way into high-tech headboards for hotels. Imagine opening your eyes, still lying comfortably on your back in bed, and being greeted with an angled mirror that presents you with local weather and top news stories that allow you to start the day "in the know."

As the day draws to a close, the same technology can be used to project soothing scenes, such as seascapes, along with accompanying nature sounds from hidden speakers to help the user drift to sleep.

Integrated Convenience

Relying solely on nightstands to hold personal belongings limits the sleeping area of hotel room design to the same stale placements known industry-wide. Smart hotel design for headboards could incorporate purpose-built shelves and components that anticipated and satisfied user needs, such as a special shelf for eyeglasses or a cell phone within the headboard.

Additional options might include: a

  • Swing-out or connectable bassinet for safe parent-infant sleeping arrangements
  • A drop-down desk for working while propped up in bed
  • Cup holders to keep a nighttime glass of water handy without the risk of spills

Headboards are no longer an upholstered afterthought, hung on a wall and overlooked. They're bold new ground for exciting, forward-thinking design in convenience, technology implementation, and smart hotel room innovations worldwide.

Whether being used as a charging station, a refreshing wake-up call, or a sleep aid, the modern versions of these room centerpieces are nothing like they used to be - and that's a huge benefit for hotel guests everywhere.

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