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Best Trade Shows for Hospitality Designers to Attend, Part 2: Hotels

In case you missed it: Part 1 shares our opinion on the best casino trade shows for hospitality professionals that you will for sure want to attend!


5 Considerations for Smart Hotel Headboard Design

The hotel guest of today - and the future - wants it all: an attractive aesthetic as well as a room that's both comfortable and built to seamlessly address their needs.


What Should Multifunctional Furniture in a Hotel Room Include?

How often do hotel guests today actually use that huge walk-in wardrobe? That dresser? The minibar? How about even the nightside stand drawer?


8 Hotel Technology Trends Guests Want at Their Fingertips

Let’s start with WiFi. Joking aside, if you haven’t completed that step yet (and your hotel’s not a bonafide nature retreat) you’re about a decade behind the curve.

Guest-centric hotel technology trends today are more complex than ever before. They may require pricey initial investments for hoteliers, but the financial rewards are vast.