Renovating Guest Rooms? Don't Forget to Modernize Your Hotel Lobby

modern hotel lobby

We’ve all heard the old adage, “first impressions are lasting impressions,” so catching guests' eyes immediately in the lobby is as important as delighting them in the guest rooms.

Your lobby is also the place that guests congregate when they are waiting on a friend or sitting down for a cocktail as well as where they check in and check out.

As a hotel owner or manager, however, it can be easy to focus beautiful design efforts exclusively on guest rooms -- since that’s where guests spend the most time. But in actuality, guests are spending more time in communal spaces, making your lobby design just as important as your guest room design.


Remodeling your lobby doesn't have to break your budget. 

There are a number of things you can do to create a modern hotel lobby without spending a lot of time and money.

Weigh the Pros and Cons of Having Multiple Vendors

When you’re opening a new hotel or planning a remodel it is always encouraged to seek the advice and feedback of those who’ve gone through the process before you.  

Depending upon the scale and complexity of your project, you may have the option of reducing the number of vendors you need to have involved, which can mean a significant savings to your bottom line. For instance, if you have hired a custom hotel casegoods manufacturer to make your guest room casegoods, have them review the specifications for your casegoods in the lobby, too!

Plus, having just one point of reference will save you the time and headache of having to deal with multiple contacts.

Use the Same Style, Materials, & Design to Create Continuity For Guests

Although it is extremely important to design a space that creates a unique guest experience and drives your ROI, it is equally as important to keep the project as a whole in mind. When the guest rooms blend with the communal spaces, guests will experience an overall better flow and cohesiveness while moving about the hotel.

Now you must also consider this from your suppliers perspective, if you want consistency in your design and product (and want to keep costs under control) you should take into account a few things:

  • Materials, materials, materials: If cost is a major driver in your project, it is best to try to stay with the same (or similar) materials.
  • Most custom casegoods manufacturers will not complete a lobby renovation project without also receiving the guest room package. This is because they are set-up specifically to produce in high-volumes, one-off pieces will not be produced efficiently (or cost effectively).

Now, with all that said, if you want a modern hotel lobby that is totally unique to your guest spaces, it may be more cost effective to look into hiring a local millworker who is set-up to handle small volume production.

Remodel the Lobby AND the Guest Rooms at the Same Time

Do the lobby separately and you could end up paying retail prices for the furnishings, floor coverings and window treatments.

Few hoteliers would argue that keeping the lobby looking modern and fresh is essential to keeping guests satisfied and pleased with your property. Avoid spending too much on the renovation by renovating the lobby at the same time as the guest rooms, using the same or similar materials throughout the hotel for harmony and continuity and sticking with as few vendors as possible.

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