Looking Ahead to 2019 Hotel Design

2019 Hotel Design Trends

When looking ahead to your hotel design in the coming year, it's important to remember that markets are constantly changing. You can't rely on what your company has done before.

Your guests' tastes, wants and needs are evolving, and last year's high-end amenities are next year's expected details. 

5 Hotel Design Trends for 2019

In 2019, we'll be seeing travelers looking for a more personalized hotel experience. This means tailoring your hotel's environment in a way that enables your people to quickly change design details for their guests' needs.

The hottest new design trends for the coming year will include some, or all, of these personalized details:

1.Amenities From Home

Guests are used to a certain level of comfort in their homes and will insist on that same level in their hotel rooms. You'll see more high-end coffee makers and tea machines (including gourmet supplies), high-speed wifi and charging stations, pillow menus and portable exercise equipment which can be delivered to rooms upon request.

2. Multifunctional Custom Furniture

Custom multifunctional furniture allows guests to transform their simple bedroom-type hotel rooms into a variety of indoor spaces, from meeting rooms to family gathering spaces.

This can widen the available customer base for your rooms by adding people who are looking for a comfortable space to rent by the day, but who don't want a traditional office setup.

3. Smart Room Technology

Smart technology will enable your guests to set their lighting, heating, A/C and messaging preferences, and allow them to remain the same during their entire stay. Your ideal guest will find his room at the perfect temperature and brightness, no matter when he checks in or comes back to his room.

It's a simple task for management to save returning guests' preferences to ensure the ultimate comfortable stay each time he arrives.

4. Hotel Lobby Evolution

Rather than the overblown, impersonal areas of old, hotel lobbies are poised to become the living room to a guest's bedroom during their stay. Design trends for the coming years include breaking up the large lobby space into smaller, cozier gathering spots, turning the one room into a number of different useful areas.

Think of game tables, coffee shop corners, children's play areas, family gathering spots or small meeting breakout groups. Your lobby isn't just a spot for weary travelers to sink into a couch before they check in; it should be put into use for all guests during their entire stay.

5. Eco-Friendliness

Now more than ever, hotel design is aimed at shrinking your hotel's carbon footprint. Begin with sustainable materials during any renovation, and add services such as linen recycling for guests.

Replace all traditional light sources with LED lighting and install solar panels to lower your power consumption. Add multiple plants throughout the public areas, as well as more window space to increase natural light.

Ask Your Manufacturer How to Integrate These Trends

Don’t forget -- your hotel casegoods manufacturer has a design team that researches and immerses themselves in current and up and coming trends for your hotel.

Take advantage of their knowledge and learn how these trends can be integrated into your hotel!

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