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3 Easy Hotel Marketing Tips for Any Hotel

Every hotel owner knows that marketing is the driving force of the strategy to keep occupancy rates high, and revenue increasing. But “marketing” does not always have to mean fancy techniques that are hard to understand.

In fact, there are a few things hotel owners can capitalize on to build their marketing strategy, and bookings, that do not require a team of experts.


Renovating Guest Rooms? Don't Forget to Modernize Your Hotel Lobby

We’ve all heard the old adage, “first impressions are lasting impressions,” so catching guests' eyes immediately in the lobby is as important as delighting them in the guest rooms.

Your lobby is also the place that guests congregate when they are waiting on a friend or sitting down for a cocktail as well as where they check in and check out.


Best Colors and Finishes for Hotel Furniture

Experts at the esteemed PPG The Voice of Color program create design colorways based on a belief that every hue evokes an emotional response in an individual. Since hotel guests walk through your door with myriad personalities and life experiences, it can be challenging to know and choose the best colors for your hotel and your hotel furniture.

However, many travelers share common emotions and responses that are easily tapped into when incorporating the right colors in your hotel rooms, lobby and communal spaces.


Hotel Technology Trends: Where Will We Be in 20 Years?

We’ve spent some time exploring what technology guests expect from your hotel in 2018. But now it’s time to talk about hotel technology trends and where the hospitality world will be 20-30 years down the line.


Hotel Marketing 101: Online Hotel Reviews and How to Increase Them

Nearly every traveler checks online reviews before booking a hotel. Seriously, nearly every one - 97.7% read other travelers’ online reviews.

So, with the world watching (and clearly paying very close attention), how can your hotel stand out in that digital realm? Of course, you’re hoping guests will be delighted enough by the accommodations and experiences at your hotel that they’ll rave about you. But even if their reviews are 5-star superb, it’s not enough in today’s ever-connected technological world to simply sit back and let them roll in to TripAdvisor.


11 Ways to Increase Hotel Bookings with Great Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Online photos of your hotel can make or break your booking stream - and we couldn’t be more serious about that.