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Mastering Your Hotel Casegoods Supply Chain Strategy

One of the biggest variables that impact a hotel project is when other people or service providers enter the equation. And it’s hard to complete a hotel project of any sort without involving outside entities. 


The Best Choice for Hotel FF&E Installation? (It’s Your Manufacturer)

The final part of any hotel FF&E (fixtures, furniture & equipment) project is one of the most important: installation. It’s the last leg of your order’s journey to your hotel, and the last place you’d want anything to go wrong. 


How FF&E Installation Helps You Cut Hotel Construction Costs

From a simple bathroom refresh in a guest room to a hotel lobby overhaul, there’s nothing more infuriating than spending more money than you have to. 


How to Make a Hotel FF&E Installer’s Job a Breeze

Imagine being one of the head NASA scientists working to send the Curiosity Rover to Mars.

After years of testing, planning, and working within a tight budget, the robot is just minutes away from being launched into space.

But hold on. Despite all your preparations, someone forgot to install its mechanical arms months ago. And they forgot to mention it. The rover’s trip to another planet will have to wait. And your team now has to spend time and money to get the probe and launch ready for another time. 


Hotel Casegoods Manufacturing: A Look Behind the Scenes

The process of manufacturing casegoods from start to finish is like a ballet when you look behind the curtain -- carefully orchestrated with a lot of moving parts, producing a beautiful end result.

When looking at the casegood produced, it can be easy to forget all of the steps that were accomplished to get there.

We’ve detailed each step that we go through to make hotel casegoods a reality.


5 Hospitality Design Mistakes that are Common (but Avoidable)


Even the best hoteliers have made hospitality design mistakes (maybe you’re a hospitality pro who can attest to this).

For any well-travelled individual, the hotel guestroom experience can start to become less than memorable - each guestroom could be in any hotel, anywhere in the world. Even the most creative hoteliers have fallen into the routine of thinking “standards” when it comes to guestroom configuration, design, and aesthetics.


Meeting Hotel ADA Requirements to Benefit All Guests

Why should a person with disabilities struggle from what should be the comfort of their hotel room? You’re right, they shouldn’t. You can’t afford to be inhospitable in the hospitality industry.


Furniture Installation Services: The Final Steps to Your Hotel Design Project

Your design has been approved, your furniture has been manufactured and is ready for delivery and installation. A casegoods manufacturer with a furniture installation service can be a valuable partner, especially if your project is strapped for time and resources.


Hospitality Furniture Installation Services Make Your Idea a Reality

Your hotel design began as a napkin sketch, and now all the pieces are coming into focus.

It was a lengthy, detailed process to get this point - months or perhaps even years in the making. But what if the most important piece was yet to come? Choosing a manufacturer that offers furniture installation services can prove to be one of the most significant decisions you make.