What Do Hotel Guests Want in Wellness Options? People Prize Privacy

What do hotel guests want

Some people just don’t want to sweat it up in a hotel fitness room, no matter how nice or closeby the accommodations are. They have varying reasons why:

  • Business travelers might not find time in their hectic schedules (some may even wish to avoid their boss stepping up on the next exercise bike)
  • Family vacationers likely consider their kids’ needs first
  • Some people are shy about exercising in public

So what do hotel guests want when it comes to fitness and wellness options? Some simply want privacy. 

While it’s still important to include round-the-clock access to a formal exercise room, guestroom designs should offer the space and amenities for busy people to tackle their fitness needs at their convenience. As a custom furniture manufacturer of hotel guestroom casegoods, our customers often request such considerations in their furniture orders.

Here are some common-sense and outside-the-box ways to implement privacy into hotel health and wellness options.

What Do Hotel Guests Want in Wellness Options? - Privacy


Work and fitness are no longer mutually exclusive. Traveling for business could mean many hours spent in the hotel room working and preparing for meetings. Peace and quiet are ideal.

Including options like standing desks and even treadmill desks in your hospitality design can keep guests mobile, burning calories, and strengthening core body functions. These advantages contrast with being sedentary, which science has linked to increased risks for:

  • Depression
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Obesity
  • And dozens of other health maladies

Standing desks increase blood flow and lower cholesterol among these 44 (actually 46) other health benefits.


Rethink the bench in the closet that usually holds luggage. It also could be a sturdy weight bench for guests to do:

  • Dumbbell bench presses
  • Military presses
  • Ab crunches
  • Dumbbell lateral rows
  • And more

Multifunctionality doesn’t equal complexity. A bench, for instance, can be designed to incline and decline to hit muscle groups from varying angles.

The bar in the closet is only good for hanging clothes, right? Not exactly. It could easily double as a pull-up bar, if crafted from a durable metal and anchored to a sturdy structural support in a quick, 20-minute hotel workout.

Horizontal, Vertical (and Hidden) Space

As important as it is to squeeze use out of every square inch of floor space, you also likely have several hundred square feet of vertical space available on the walls and ceilings for guests to utilize in private.

  • Block out space for Smart TV wall mounts and other tech options for guests to stream their favorite exercise programs
  • Include wall units with resistance bands of different angles and tensile strengths
  • Use hidden space (under beds, in closets/cabinets, etc.) to house yoga mats, free weights, ab rollers, and more
  • Ceiling space could include anchors for a pull-up bar or ab-workout harness

But fitness and wellness extend beyond physical activity.

Meditation/Deep Relaxation

Some call it Zen. Others see it simply as mindfulness or all-out transcendentalism. However your guests use meditation and deep relaxation techniques, they often require space and privacy to reach that level of serenity.

Include space or options to install a meditation chair. The practice requires good posture, meaning:

  • Stable
  • Straight
  • Comfortable

Permit your hotel guests a relaxing escape without leaving their room.

What Do Hotel Guests Want in Wellness Options?

Many hotel guests desire privacy when it comes to health and wellness. Leaving town and checking into a hotel shouldn’t mean they have to give up the comforts of home.

An experienced custom hotel furniture manufacturer will work with you to optimize your space to help guests build the best version of themselves.


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