Custom Commercial Furniture for Hotels: 9 Reasons to Choose Artone


You’re proud of your hotel design -- you worked hard to come up with something that sets your facility apart from others. 

But while browsing the countless hospitality furniture vendors out there, one thing becomes clear: the furniture available doesn’t match your vision. Does this mean you’re heading back to the drawing board or have to make compromises? 

Not at all. 

As an experienced custom commercial furniture for hotels manufacturer that’s worked with countless clients, we appreciate that every hotel is different. It’s casegoods should be unique, too. 

Custom hotel furniture by Artone lets you realize your hotel design without having to make any sacrifices.

Artone’s Custom Hotel Furniture: The Casegoods You’ve Been Looking For 

A key component of any successful hotel project is partnering with the right commercial hotel furniture supplier.  

Whether your a hotel designer, architecture, or casegoods procurement company, working with Artone on custom hotel furniture benefits your project by:


  1. Experience

  2. Fostering innovation

  3. American made products

  4. Shorter lead times

  5. Value engineering

  6. Rapid prototyping 

  7. Open communication

  8. Product protection 

  9. One-stop shopping

1. Experience

Consider a new stylist at your favorite salon or barber shop. Will you be first in line for a haircut?

Chances are that unless you’re feeling brave, you’ll probably wait a little bit before entrusting your hair styling to that person. Essentially, you’re waiting for them to get a little experience under their belt. 

We aren’t the new guy on the block, and haven’t been for some time. Drawing from more than five decades of experience, we’ve honed our craft and helped many hotels realize their vision of casegoods that deliver the best guest experience possible. What’s more, there’s very little that surprises us – in other words, we’ve worked through the unexpecteds of projects many times before and know how to pivot and keep things moving. 


Do you have a new concept or idea guiding your choice of furniture? We’ll build it for you. We’ve been a leader in furnishing solutions (from design to installation) since 1974.

Artone’s factory experts and on-site project managers work hand-in-hand with your contracting crews to ensure your innovative design meets specifications. Blocking out space for your furniture and other necessary fixtures is key. Your design must accommodate:

Even if your design involves out-of-the-box furniture customization options, Artone will ensure the pieces of your puzzle fit together seamlessly.

3.  An American Company  

Browse the internet for furniture and it’s almost impossible to find an American manufacturer anymore. The simple fact is that a great amount of furniture manufactures are located overseas (and there are risks with that). 

That’s not us. 

Ordering custom commercial furniture from Artone guarantees that you’re working with 100% American company.  

In addition to the quality that many overseas furniture manufacturers can’t compete with, Artone’s hotel ff&e:

  • Supports the domestic workforce

  • Reduces risk from counterfeits and defects

  • Protects your intellectual property

  • Allows quicker, more responsive access to replacement parts, if needed

  • Safer materials (under the Toxic Substances Control Act, which governs the use of volatile industrial chemicals)



New Call-to-actionYour project most likely has a deadline. Very few don’t. Disruptions to your FF&E schedule are costly and can mean: 

  • Financial penalties

  • Loss of future design opportunities

  • Reputation issues

Artone’s orders are typically 6-8 weeks from approved drawings to the final shipment. 

Learn more about our hotel casegoods production process:


You’re looking for potential cost savings anywhere you can. But saving money shouldn’t mean investing in second-rate products. You’re also seeking furniture manufactured with future maintenance and maneuverability for the end-user (hotel staff) in mind.

Artone uses value engineering and design efficiencies to save time, money, and other resources for the hotel owner in the future. Using optimal materials for the job ensures your project won’t need an overhaul midway through or needlessly drain company coffers for unanticipated repairs.

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You’ll potentially save tens of thousands of dollars by troubleshooting issues before the final furniture shipment arrives. With Artone’s “rapid prototyping” process, we build a mockup of your custom hospitality furniture from a relatively inexpensive medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and deliver it to you for inspection. 

Test the product in your space and with your construction crew’s equipment/tools and find out answers to key questions such as:

  • Does it fit?

  • Is it easy to maneuver?

  • Does it match the specs you ordered?

  • Are you prepared for its assembly?

  • Does it match the vision of your original design?

Rather than the typical process of approving submittal drawings, the prototype acts as a tangible representation of the final piece of furniture. If it doesn’t work for your hotel project, revisit the design before forcing a costly do-over.


There’s nothing more frustrating than working with a hotel furnishing company that practically disappears until your order arrives on-site. 

From start to finish, Artone stays in contact with you through the duration of your project. You’ll begin the process with our sales team. As soon as we receive your order, you’re assigned a dedicated project manager who is your designated point-of-contact until the final shipment.

Of course, we are always available after that should you have any additional questions.


Artone matches the five-year industry standard for custom commercial furniture warranties. The  warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for every piece of furniture five years from the date of delivery.


Don’t look in multiple places to find furniture and millwork when it can be ordered, manufactured, and delivered, from one place. 

Working with a one-stop hotel casegoods furniture manufacturer keeps things simple and saves you the headache of juggling multiple orders across multiple suppliers. 


How does Artone ensure the quality and durability of their custom commercial furniture, especially given the unique design specifications?

We have an emphasis on quality and durability through value-engineered designs tailored to project needs, styles, and budgets. They maintain a rigorous in-house quality control process, leveraging their extensive experience and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to meet high standards.

What Certifications & Environmental Standards Does Artone Work to?

We are acknowledged by prominent industry organizations for the sustainability of our hotel casegoods. Our compliance with the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) standards demonstrates our commitment to sustainable manufacturing. This ensures that our products adhere to industry-leading guidelines for quality and environmental stewardship, which is why we proudly display the AWI logo on our products.

What is the typical lead time from design approval to delivery for custom furniture orders at Artone?

That can be a tricky one to answer as there are so many variables that come into play, such as order size, design complexity, material availability. Generally speaking, turnaround is 8-10 weeks. But remember, it all depends on the specifics of your project.


Upgrade Your Hotel Furniture Design with Artone

Hotel design is complex. You know that. And we know that. Choosing hotel furniture by Artone means you’ll have a casegoods partner as committed to your project as you are. 

Concerned about how your hotel casegoods order fits into your project’s schedule?

Dig into the what and when of the production timeline of hotel casegoods:  

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