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What Guests Want From a Hotel in 2020 + Beyond

Maybe the better question to start with is, “who is the hotel guest of 2020?” With 2020 just around the corner, hoteliers must prepare for what their future guests want from a hotel, and the only way to know this is by understanding who these guests are.


What Percentage of Hotel Construction Costs Should Go to Furniture?

All hotel projects have a budget. From construction to final installation and inspection every dollar is to be accounted for. When calculating your hotel costs these variables will play a major role:

  • Size/scope
  • Where it sits on the sliding luxury scale
  • Location, location, location
  • Innovation and sustainability

How Will Steel & Aluminum Tariffs Affect the Hospitality Industry?

The short- and long-term impacts of the Trump administration’s recently enacted steel and aluminum tariffs remain to be seen. To the hospitality industry, tariffs could either actually level the playing field between domestic companies and foreign competitors (as Trump intends) or create a greater overall struggle to build and produce (as tariff opponents fear).


5 Hospitality Design Mistakes that are Common (but Avoidable)


Even the best hoteliers have made hospitality design mistakes (maybe you’re a hospitality pro who can attest to this).

For any well-travelled individual, the hotel guestroom experience can start to become less than memorable - each guestroom could be in any hotel, anywhere in the world. Even the most creative hoteliers have fallen into the routine of thinking “standards” when it comes to guestroom configuration, design, and aesthetics.


Meeting Hotel ADA Requirements to Benefit All Guests

Why should a person with disabilities struggle from what should be the comfort of their hotel room? You’re right, they shouldn’t. You can’t afford to be inhospitable in the hospitality industry.


3 Hotel Furniture Safety Factors Designers Can't Ignore

How your hotel furniture is manufactured can affect not only your bottom line, but also the health and safety of those who use it.


Health and Wellness Dominate Hospitality Interior Design Trends

When was the last time you used a hotel gym while traveling? Do you make a fitness center part of your decision, but once you get there, can't be bothered to go? 

If so, consider bringing fitness directly to your guests in your hotel interior design. 


Design Hospitality Furniture Everyone Will Love With Value Engineering

Hotel managers do everything in their power to make the guest’s experience as carefree as possible. For hospitality furniture designers, the goal is to create a well-rounded experience for guests and staff with a mixture of beauty, function, and ease of use.