Quality Control and Hotel Room Materials

In today’s hotel guestroom you’re tasked with harmonizing the need for furniture design that meets modern guest expectations all while meeting industry standards for functionality, aesthetics. Oh, and let’s not forget about managing costs.quality control, manufacturing materials

Finding the right balance between quality and cost is arguably be one of the most difficult tasks in any hotel project. One of the most affecting factors on the overall quality of your casegoods are the materials chosen.

How Hotel Room Materials Affect Your Hotel Furniture Quality

As an experienced casegoods manufacturer we’ve seen countless casegoods specifications written to include what’s trending in hotel room materials; only to find out that the material that was chosen to be incorporated within the design cannot hold up to the high-traffic, high-wear-and-tear environment of hotel rooms.

Casegoods are an investment and one of the biggest factors that affect a finished product quality.

Typical materials you would expect to find in a hotel guest room include (but are not limited to):

  1. Laminates: high-pressure and low-pressure
  2. Veneer
  3. Solid Wood
  4. Metal
  5. Quartz

We’ve talked, in great detail, about the specific benefits and potential limitations to each of these respected hotel room materials.

And while it is important to understand the material nuances, in order to make a well-informed decision for your hotel; big picture, it is your responsibility to ensure customers receive products that meet their expectations; free from defects.

Other Factors That Can Affect Furniture Quality

Explore other considerations for furniture quality:

Keeping Furniture Quality Control In Check

Quality is an important factor when it comes to any product or service. In many (if not most) markets, quality has become the differentiator for almost all products and services, customer satisfaction, and the manufacturers bottom line.

Therefore, most hotel furniture manufacturers are constantly looking to enhance their product or the service quality.

Through the process of “enhancing quality,” manufacturers will need to consider the many variables that affect quality.

4 Factors Affecting Quality:

  1. Money - As the old adage says, “if you want to make money, you’ve got to be ready to spend it.”
  2. Materials - A high-quality product requires high-quality raw materials.
  3. People - The individuals responsible for handling the hotel room materials must be skilled craftspeople
  4. Machines and Methods - A competitive landscape forces furniture manufacturers to invest in state-of-the-art equipment, and to employee process that streamline manufacturing

Fortunately, the hospitality industry has a resource/guideline to direct them when it comes to furniture quality control - The Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI).

AWI is the leading expert on wood product quality, and the gatekeeper of functional and aesthetic woodwork standards across industries.

Two of the most popular casegoods Materials are veneer and laminates

Explore both materials and their applications for hotel furnishings. Download our Veneer Vs. Laminate Consideration Guide for Hospitality Casegoods!

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