Hotel Room Materials You Haven't Heard Of (But Should Be Using)

You’ve heard us talk about the different materials that can be used for hotel guestroom casegoods. We’ve also talked about the importance of choosing a material that makes sense for the climate where it will be housed.


But, we’ve never discussed those materials that play a more “behind the scenes” role in making your casegoods great.

3 Hotel Room Furniture Materials to Consider

  1. Soft close drawer slides and hinges


  3. Wireless Charging Station

Silence is Key: Soft Close Hinges and Slides

The accidental slamming of drawers and cabinets is enough to make most people cringe -- especially when it’s echoing through the halls of your hotel. With the installation of soft close hinges and slides, you don’t have to worry about your guests being woken up by that painful sound.

Additional benefits of soft close hinges and slides include extended life of cabinets, protects your investment, peace-of-mind.

NOTE: It’s important to keep in mind that there is a difference between self-closing and soft-closing. Most slides that are soft-closing are also self-closing, but not all self-closing components are soft-closing. The "self" element means that the hinge or slide has a built-in element that pulls the drawer or door closed, sometimes with a tap or bang. "Soft"-closing means just that it glides. The drawer or door is pushed and it glides to a certain point and then hydraulics take over.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone with 3D Laminate

3D Laminate, also known as “3DL” and formerly known as “Rigid Thermofoil”, is a PVC-based laminate. While the healthcare industry adopted the use of this material long ago due to there being no seams to trap bacteria, the hospitality industry is still opening up to a hotel room material that’s not laminate, wood, veneer, etc.

Knowing that material manufacturers have developed a product that tailors to the high-traffic, high wear-and-tear areas of hotel guest rooms. PerformEx 3DLs resist and conceal signs of wear making them ideal for those hospitality surfaces that see repeated use like desktops, bedside tables, and coffee bars. In addition to the Hulked-up material itself, the key here is seamless membrane pressed construction. Components are free of edgebanding giving the option for soft, comfy curves and corners.

Wireless Charging Station

You’ve spent countless hours designing the perfect casegoods collection for your hotel; why tarnish the design with an “eyesore” standard charging station -- go wireless! It’s no secret that wireless charging helps build a high-end guest experience. Similar to WiFi, wireless charging is a powerful amenity that is in demand.

You can also use information from the chargers to your advantage. A few wireless charging options on the market can provide you with powerful analytics and insights on guest behavior, like their favorite hangout spot either in the guest room or lobby.

Build a Strong Team

At the end of the day, there are countless hotel room materials that you can use to customize your design and make your hotel memorable to guests. Our best advice to you, hire a team of professionals; from manufacturers to procurement agents and designers.

This team will not only know of top industry trends, but they will have contacts and relationships with suppliers that will result in savings for you.