Boutique Hotel Trends That Are Worth Investing In

Boutique hotels strive to offer their guests those amenities and features that provide them with the experiences that they can't get anywhere else -- especially from larger franchises.

One challenge facing both owners and designers in the boutique hotel industry is weeding out the boutique hotel trends that are temporary, from those that have the staying power to make them worth investing in.

Six Hot Boutique Hotel Trends (That Will Last):

The following six trends are not only hot now, but also have what it takes to stand the test of time. This makes them worth the investment.

1. Emphasize Location

This trend goes beyond the convenience factor and highlights the special characteristics of a hotel's location.

Investing in art and furniture that captures the uniqueness of your hotel's location is an easy way to set it apart from your competition.

2. Multifunctional Furniture

Regardless of how spacious your rooms are, the actual space you have to work with is going to be limited.

Multifunctional furniture not only makes it easier to accommodate a variety of guests' needs, it also offers them the ability to customize their room to suit their circumstances.

3. Technology is King

Technology isn't going anywhere and is, in fact, only going to ramp up in the future. Make sure you're poised to take advantage of this trend by getting ahead of it.

Make sure that your hotel's backend -- its website, central reservation system (CRS), web booking engine (WBE) and social media presence, for example -- are updated so they can support the technology of the future.

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4. Offer True Relaxation

Though it might seem paradoxical, many guests want to have the option to tap into connectivity while still being able to disconnect when they want to do so.

Focusing on lighting that can be adjusted to suit their mood and offering guests the ability to block WiFi signals can help them truly relax and disconnect. Doing so provides them with a welcome respite from being plugged in 24/7.

5. Health and Wellness Options

Millennials are a key driving force when it comes to the latest boutique hotel trends. Their focus on health and well-being isn't a fad. Rather, it's a lifestyle choice that will play an important role throughout their lives.

Boutique hotels that offer more than an exercise room, a pool and a sauna will stay ahead of this trend. A yoga studio, for example, provides an optimal place for millennials to focus on their health.

6. Target the 50+ Audience

Boutique hotels also need to target the other end of the population spectrum: those adults who are 50 years of age or older. Not only do these guests enjoy luxury accommodations, they also have the money to spend on themselves and they're willing to do so.


In order to carve out a place for themselves, boutique hotels must continue to reinvent themselves. They need to ensure that they are poised to take advantage of the boutique hotel trends that help them stand out from their competition.

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