Hospitality Outdoor Furniture: A Manufacturer's Guide

hospitality outdoor furniture

Amenities are no longer defined by a handful of menu items at a lobby breakfast, or small bottles clustered on a bathroom counter - space, feel, and experience are now infusing the term.

In fact, one of the most historically-neglected spaces in the hospitality industry is becoming a huge canvas for guest impressions: outside patios and open-air gathering places on property.

How can you set the right tone and capitalize on this hot trend on your own properties?

3 Tips to Making the Most Out of Your Hotel’s Outdoor Furniture

As a hotel furniture manufacturing company, we strive to stay on top of trends and give hotel owners and designers the best advice possible for making the most out of every space that a guest interacts with -- including the great outdoors!

Here are some things to keep in mind when investing in and designing your hotel’s outdoor space.

1.Consider materials and design through a lens of longevity.

Your designer can make suggestions for the right outdoor materials - a hotel in Maine, for example, will be far more concerned with sustained cold temperature impact than a resort in Arizona.

  • Will your outdoor area be in sunlight a significant portion of time?

  • Is your outdoor area partially covered, allowing storage in poor weather?

  • Does your outdoor staging surface offer support that won't soften in rain?

  • Can these pieces be easily stored in your existing storage space(s) in the off season(s)? Covers may not be a visually pleasing option for some properties.

2. Think about the impression your outdoor furniture will have on guests.

The right outdoor furniture will set a tone that's both interesting and inviting. Imagine it like a party that they could wander into - they might not have been looking for a party to attend, but if one suddenly appears and looks like a good time, why not explore it? Think of trends like:

  • Modern, on-trend colors like rich earth tones, which age well without looking outdated too quickly.

  • Soft, comfortable materials that can be kept clean and "texturally palatable" - avoid materials prone to cracking or fraying under heavy use in ways that could cause injury and discomfort.

  • Continue your interior styles and patterns to the outside for a seamless transition. This will ensure there's no "mental barrier" to exploring your unique outdoor space - no feeling like it's "for someone else" causing guest hesitation.

3.Consider incorporating local elements into your outdoorscape.

Local touches make a big difference in guest impressions, particularly if you partner with local artisans for outdoor pieces. A picture in a lobby is one thing, but a sculpture they can touch and appreciate outdoors is a completely different experience.

Need accessorizing ideas?

Try upgrading and customizing your outdoor furniture with accents like these:

  • An outdoor tabletop made of local stone

  • Throw pillows featuring the local sports team's logo

  • A plant centerpiece filled with local greenery

  • Coasters made by a local potter or woodworker

  • A firepit or water feature decorated with local imagery

Note: if using local materials or artwork, be sure to give the artisan(s) credit through a plaque or similar display nearby. They'll appreciate the marketing, your guests will love the personal touch, and you'll reap goodwill from the community for supporting local crafts. If it's supported by your property structure, you might even consider selling small local art pieces through your amenity storefront or lobby.

Your outdoor space is as important an amenity as a pool or on-site gym, so be sure you're treating it to the best. Invest in your guests' comfort and stay experience with custom outdoor furniture for your hotel.

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