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How to Photograph Hotel Rooms to Attract Customers

We understand our limits as an experienced hotel casegoods manufacturer. So, before offering any advice on a topic outside our skill set, we reached out to a professional and very talented photographer asking him to share his interior photography tips. We hope the advice below will help some of you improve your hotel room (or interior) photography and online marketing presence.


Where Will Trends In The Boutique Hotel Industry Take Us?

According to Forbes: “A 2018 forecast performance by CBRE projects that Boutique-Lifestyle properties are set to enjoy the greatest gains in RevPAR (revenue per available room) as well as the highest ADR (average daily rate) during the year. That's great news for owners, investors and developers.”


3 Unplanned Costs of Building a Boutique Hotel

What does it take to build a boutique hotel? Money, tenacity, and well, more money. Regardless of whether you’re opening a boutique hotel with ten rooms or a hotel with hundreds of rooms, the costs to get started can be substantial.


Hospitality Outdoor Furniture: A Manufacturer's Guide

Amenities are no longer defined by a handful of menu items at a lobby breakfast, or small bottles clustered on a bathroom counter - space, feel, and experience are now infusing the term.

In fact, one of the most historically-neglected spaces in the hospitality industry is becoming a huge canvas for guest impressions: outside patios and open-air gathering places on property.

How can you set the right tone and capitalize on this hot trend on your own properties?


Boutique Hotel Soft Brands vs Traditional Boutique Hotels

If you’re looking to invest in a new hotel, you might be wondering whether it’s worth it to take the risk and plunge into a brand new, traditional boutique hotel -- or delve into the safe world of franchise soft brands.

The truth is, there’s no one-size-fits all answer for every prospective hotel owner. There are a lot of things to keep in mind before purchasing.

We’ve outlined a few of the key considerations below.


Best Colors and Finishes for Hotel Furniture

Experts at the esteemed PPG The Voice of Color program create design colorways based on a belief that every hue evokes an emotional response in an individual. Since hotel guests walk through your door with myriad personalities and life experiences, it can be challenging to know and choose the best colors for your hotel and your hotel furniture.

However, many travelers share common emotions and responses that are easily tapped into when incorporating the right colors in your hotel rooms, lobby and communal spaces.


Hotel Marketing 101: Online Hotel Reviews and How to Increase Them

Nearly every traveler checks online reviews before booking a hotel. Seriously, nearly every one - 97.7% read other travelers’ online reviews.

So, with the world watching (and clearly paying very close attention), how can your hotel stand out in that digital realm? Of course, you’re hoping guests will be delighted enough by the accommodations and experiences at your hotel that they’ll rave about you. But even if their reviews are 5-star superb, it’s not enough in today’s ever-connected technological world to simply sit back and let them roll in to TripAdvisor.


11 Ways to Increase Hotel Bookings with Great Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Online photos of your hotel can make or break your booking stream - and we couldn’t be more serious about that.