How to Photograph Hotel Rooms to Attract Customers


We understand our limits as an experienced hotel casegoods manufacturer. So, before offering any advice on a topic outside our skill set, we reached out to a professional and very talented photographer asking him to share his interior photography tips. We hope the advice below will help some of you improve your hotel room (or interior) photography and online marketing presence.

Meet the Expert: Kent Miller

Kent Miller, is a New York City-based photographer who specializes in people, products and spaces.

You can follow Kent’s work on his website , Facebook, or Instagram.

What, in your opinion, is the most important thing to consider while shooting hotel interiors?

"I like to showcase the design of the room. Keeping the lines straight and the lighting complementary to the feel. When a hotel group hires a photographer they need to realize that the only thing between the client choosing this hotel over the next one is an image. If the image looks inviting, warm and invokes a positive emotion they will book the room. If not, they move on. It only takes a second.”

What makes a good picture?

“Many things make a good image. Technique, emotion, feel, color, and light to name a few.”

Nowadays almost everyone has access to devices with which it is possible to take pictures. What do you think is the difference between a professional photographer and any other hobby photographer?

“Experience is the first difference. Many years ago when we still shot film a friend told me, “the difference when I go out and photograph something is I know it will turn out as I expect.” Someone just starting out hopes it will turn out good. Learning how lines and lighting work is a big part of experience. Knowing how to showcase a design takes a bit of work. You need time to develop that in your career. Using digital cameras help the process move faster but it still takes vision.”

Who influenced you the most? Is there any other photographer that you considered as a kind of idol?

“I don't really have one person. You can see so much online today; everyone has a bit of a different take on the same techniques. It’s amazing how many ways you can do the same job.”

Which editing software do you usually use? How good would you describe your skills in that software?

“I use whatever it takes to get the job done. That said, most of my work is done in Capture One and Photoshop. I do most of the work myself and have become pretty good. However, there is always an option of working with a pro-retoucher/compositor to do the job. They make magic!”

Make the Right Decision: Hire a Professional

There is no denying that hiring an experienced professional photographer will come at a cost. But, it’s important that you consider the ROI a pro can bring you. We know future guests make decisions on their accommodations based on other travelers reviews and images, so invest where it makes sense.