Hotel Casegoods Made in the USA

For those who are searching for "casegoods made in the USA" - thank you! Buying American-Made furniture not only reflects a simple act of patriotism, but by supporting local manufacturers you help contribute to a brighter and more stable future for the entire country.

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Supporting Domestic Casegoods Suppliers Does More Than You Think

How exactly does me purchasing casegoods made in the USA help the economy? What are the benefits I will receive from purchasing my casegoods domestically? These are a couple examples of questions we get asked regularly as a domestic case goods manufacturer.

Unfortunately, it’s a reality that, like other industries, the furniture industry faces competition from overseas manufacturers. While you may be tempted by the “less-expensive,” price tags, there may be things you’re not considering.

3 Reasons to Buy Casegoods Made in USA

1. Supply Chain Benefits  

When budgets are a driving force in your hotel project it becomes hard to pass up overseas pricing. However, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, offshore manufacturing is only cheap on the surface. 

Things that you may not be considering: shortened lead times, ease of communication and responsiveness, and having the ability to quality physically check your case goods while they’re in production versus relying on photos/videos. 

2. Jobs for Future Generations 

Our future generations matter. When we create a demand for American made products it means companies will need to hire more people to create those American-made products. 

Make product, buy product, make product, buy product -- it’s a cycle we need to continue to  invest in.

3. Guaranteed Quality 

With absolute certainty, when you buy case goods made in the USA, you know you’re buying a product that was manufactured to last. 

That said, there is no true guarantee of the imported goods quality and longevity. While price tags will often be higher for made in USA products, the cost per use is actually often lower. 

Price Is A Factor — But It’s Not An Excuse

As a domestic guestroom case goods and millwork manufacturer, we often hear from customers, “we love domestic manufacturers!” But, when push-comes-to-shove we all know the one factor that will always reign supreme --- PRICE.

So, the question that remains for many domestic manufacturers is how do we break this cycle? Are there concessions, we are willing to make on the areas that most affect price; materials, durability/construction, and lead times?