4 Must See Wood Veneer Designs

Wood veneer has clearly come of age.

It’s beauty, versatility and cost savings over solid wood have placed it in the forefront among designers’ material choices, and even the highest-end hotels have embraced wood veneer designs as solutions for furniture, wall coverings and even light fixtures.

Why Choose Wood Veneer for Hotel Furniture Design?

Leaving aside for a moment the important differences between wood and wood veneer, what is it about the look of wood that makes it the first choice among hoteliers? The answer, in part, is current trends. It’s also, in part, traditional taste. In this case, the two work together instead of at odds with each other.

More and more, travelers, whether for business or pleasure, are looking not so much for the exotic as for the familiar. They want to feel at home, and the look and feel of wood are, in a word, “homey.” The need for a touch of home is the trend, and the tradition of wood is long-standing. So, in a sense, hotel guests are going “back to the future.” Wood is the tradition that’s embracing the trend with veneer.

Laminate can be made to look like wood at a lower cost, and can be a good choice for some hotel owners as well.

4 Stunning Wood Veneer Designs:

1. Lighting Fixtures

wood veneer lampHere’s a place where veneer’s flexibility comes into play. Creating eye-catching lighting with wood veneer takes full advantage of the thin, translucent strips of wood to develop complex, beautiful designs.

2. Headboards

Wood veneer headboard

Veneer can turn ordinary headboards into richly textured additions to warm and welcoming rooms.

With a durable but inexpensive substrate, veneer transforms cabinetry from the purely functional to the functionally beautiful.

3. Desks

Wood veneer desk

Not only are wood veneer desks easy to clean, they look attractive and classy -- making it a pleasant place for guests to work while on their stay.

4. Wall Panels

wood veneer wall panel

If you’re looking for a unique way to incorporate an accent wall into your guest space, try a wood veneer wall panel. The result can be surprisingly modern, yet familiar and homey.

Incorporate Wood Veneer Into Your Hotel

The future of  wood veneer designs, especially as the price of solid wood continues to rise, looks bright. It’s time to explore the possibilities.

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