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What Guests Want From a Hotel in 2020 + Beyond

Maybe the better question to start with is, “who is the hotel guest of 2020?” With 2020 just around the corner, hoteliers must prepare for what their future guests want from a hotel, and the only way to know this is by understanding who these guests are.


Quality Control and Hotel Room Materials

In today’s hotel guestroom you’re tasked with harmonizing the need for furniture design that meets modern guest expectations all while meeting industry standards for functionality, aesthetics. Oh, and let’s not forget about managing costs.


Guide to Hotel Renovation Costs (+ Controlling Sneaky Furniture Costs)

“Cost is no object.”

That’s a statement you probably will never hear from a client trying to figure out a hotel renovation cost per room budget. Cost is a key factor (if not THE key factor) when deciding not only what changes to make to the room, but what furniture to buy.

Cost, though important, shouldn’t be unpredictable. This guide aims to help you predict cost, even in areas that seem impossible to foresee.


How ‘Mindfulness’ is Driving Hotel Interior Design

One of the biggest misconceptions about creative people is that they always wake up feeling compelled to create. The truth is that this skillset is often blocked by external pressures and an inability to concentrate due to their surroundings.


3 Environmental Factors to Consider Before Buying Hotel Guest Room Furniture

Your hotel casegoods are arguably one of the most, if not the most, important purchase decision you will need to make, not only from a cost perspective, but from your hotels aesthetic.


Cut Hotel Construction Costs with FF&E Installation Services

FF&E installation comprises 3 parts: furniture, fixtures, and equipment. Each is critical to completing the hotel design puzzle. An experienced furniture installation company will complement all parties involved to ensure a cooperative and successful project.


What Percentage of Hotel Construction Costs Should Go to Furniture?

All hotel projects have a budget. From construction to final installation and inspection every dollar is to be accounted for. When calculating your hotel costs these variables will play a major role:

  • Size/scope
  • Where it sits on the sliding luxury scale
  • Location, location, location
  • Innovation and sustainability

Where Will Trends In The Boutique Hotel Industry Take Us?

“A 2018 forecast performance by CBRE projects(paywall) that Boutique-Lifestyle properties are set to enjoy the greatest gains in RevPAR (revenue per available room) as well as the highest ADR (average daily rate) during the year. That's great news for owners, investors and developers.”


7 Key Differences to Consider When Choosing  Hospitality Casegood Manufacturers

You’ve already made the first tough decision; you’ve either decided to begin your journey in hospitality or expand your current hospitality portfolio. Either way, congratulations!


When It's Time to Start Budgeting For Your Hotel Renovation

It’s easy to let an upcoming hotel renovation overwhelm you, especially when you’re thinking about the pending costs. Common sense would tell you that your busiest time (or peak season) is really not when you should start ripping down walls.