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Laminate Casegoods: Proper Care & Maintenance

Whether you’re redesigning a hotel or building a brand-new one, hospitality casegoods are a substantial portion of any project’s budget. 


Hotel FF&E Procurement in a Post-COVID World

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught the world anything, it was how to adapt. 


5 Sustainable Hospitality Furniture Materials (& 3 That Aren't)

There’s a color at your hotel that more guests care about. 

It doesn’t matter what your overall design scheme or color palette is, this color can make all the difference in how they’ll feel about lodging at your hotel. 

The color? 



How to Make a Hotel FF&E Installer’s Job a Breeze

Imagine being one of the head NASA scientists working to send the Curiosity Rover to Mars.

After years of testing, planning, and working within a tight budget, the robot is just minutes away from being launched into space.

But hold on. Despite all your preparations, someone forgot to install its mechanical arms months ago. And they forgot to mention it. The rover’s trip to another planet will have to wait. And your team now has to spend time and money to get the probe and launch ready for another time. 


Why Hospitality Furniture Vendors Should Make Site Visits

Hotel renovation and new construction projects are complex. They’re also time-sensitive and budget-driven. Getting it right the first time is critical for a successful completion of a project that’s on-time and on-budget.