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4 Must See Wood Veneer Designs

Wood veneer has clearly come of age.

It’s beauty, versatility and cost savings over solid wood have placed it in the forefront among designers’ material choices, and even the highest-end hotels have embraced wood veneer designs as solutions for furniture, wall coverings and even light fixtures.


Hotel Bedroom Design Tips

Guests choose hotels for many different reasons, but they are ultimately looking for a great bedroom space -- somewhere they can wind down, sleep, and get a good night’s rest before embarking on the activities for their trip.

Savvy hoteliers and designers know that no matter how many amenities the hotel has or how convenient it is to a popular landmark -- a clean, comfortable, and well-designed bedroom space is what will bring a customer back time and time again.

While there is no official formula to create the perfect bedroom space in a hotel, there are a few hotel design trends and clever design tips to help create the perfect environment everyone is hoping for when they check in.


How to Clean Laminate and Veneer

As professionals in the hotel industry, we know that cleanliness is a top priority. In fact, the mantra of every hotel should be centered around these wise words: When you are finished cleaning – clean again!

Everything in a hotel needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, and your furniture is no exception. Just as there are a variety of different types of furniture, there are also different requirements for cleaning each of them.

Here are some tips on how to best clean veneer and laminate, two of the most popular types of hotel furniture material. 


Cost to Build a Boutique Hotel From the Ground Up

According to Cushman & Wakefield, the average cost of building a hotel ranges from $115,000 to $1.5 million per room. That takes hotels at every level from midscale to luxury, including boutique projects.

This is a huge variance, and the price that’s accurate for your hotel largely depends on a few things:

● What type of experience you want to give to your guests.

● Where the hotel is.

● Design considerations desired to complement your brand.


How Much Do Hotel Shop Drawings Cost?

Hotel shop drawings are crucial when there are any alterations or construction changes that are needed in a hotel.

These preliminary and working drawings are created to show renovations, improvements, and plans for the hotel which may include things like balconies, stairways, windows, dressers, doors, ceilings, and even custom furniture.

The hotel shop drawings are very important, as they contain so much useful information needed for the alterations like plans, drawings, sketches, schedules, and more that are crucial for the project.


How to Tell If Furniture is Laminate or Veneer


The end goal of any furniture design is two fold: durability to remain attractive for as long as possible, and a compelling style that elevates decor. That's why material choice is so important - it's the one aspect that falls squarely in both camps.

You may have heard about laminate surfaces or veneer finishes on dressers, tables, headboards, and other furniture pieces, but what do those terms mean, exactly?

Knowing the difference could have a big impact on your budget - both now and in the future.


Hotel Renovation Guide: Franchise vs Boutique Hotels

If you are looking to renovate your hotel property, how you design your new spaces and what furnishings you choose depends, in part, on whether your property is a franchise for a major hotel chain or an independent boutique hotel.

Both types of hotels have their advantages and challenges, and it's wise to sit down an consider these factors before you jump into your renovation project.

, in part, on whether your property is a franchise for a major hotel chain or an independent boutique hotel.

Both types of hotels have their advantages and challenges, and it's wise to sit down an consider these factors before you jump into your renovation project.


Why Buy American Made Hotel Furniture?

If you've begun to look for new furnishings for your hotel property, you know that there are a myriad of choices, both from U.S. manufacturers and from overseas-based furniture makers.

However, opting for furniture crafted "Made in America" is not just a patriotic slogan. Such a move can improve your appearance to potential guests, eliminate unnecessary headaches, and even impact your bottom line.


Manufacturer’s Perspective: Hotel FF&E Worth Your Money

True story: A couple in their 60s found a room in an upscale hotel operating under an internationally recognized brand. As usual, the husband tried to set up his laptop on the desk. He searched for the outlet he was used to finding in the lamp base but found a USB port instead.

His power cord wasn’t equipped for USB, so he looked for another outlet. In the end, he had to crawl under the desk to find a place to plug in.

The point here is not that hotels shouldn’t offer plenty of easily accessible USB charging ports -- it’s that guests shouldn’t have to don their miner’s light and spelunker’s gear to find an old-fashioned outlet.

The design of the hotel’s furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) should take care of such problems and, in the long term, represent the best investment.


Preventing Mold and Moisture in Hotel Rooms

Most buildings will experience some sort of water issue at some point, and hotels are no exception. In fact, hotel rooms are more prone to water intrusion simply due to the nature of the design and their use.

It is important to remember as hotel owners, managers, and designers that vigilance and proactive action is the best way to protect against potential issues from water and moisture damage.

Being proactive against possible water issues that could lead to dangerous and expensive mold and moisture in hotel rooms is so much less expensive and disruptive than ignoring costly warning signs that could cost a fortune.