Hotel FF&E Costs: How Much Should I Budget?

Every so often a hotel’s furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) need replacement -- whether it’s from normal wear and tear, the unexpected, or part of a hotel interior design overhaul. 

The costs associated with such an undertaking, especially for large orders of duplicate FF&E for guestrooms, can mount up quickly.  

For 2-star hotels, average FF&E budgets run between $4,500 and $7,000. The FF&E budget for each room at a 5-star hotel can top $35,000. Custom furniture, which can elevate a hotel's image and reputation, can increase these costs. 

To head off these costs, whether they’re planned or unexpected, create a separate line item in your annual budget for FF&E replacement. 

What is Hotel FF&E?

Hotel FF&E costs encompass any components of a space that aren't permanently attached to the actual structure -- in other words, moveable furniture. Examples include:

  • Guestrooms: Decorative items, beds, desks, chairs, window treatments, shelving, and headboards
  • Conference rooms: Tables, podiums, chairs, desks, partitions
  • Business centers: Desks, chairs, tables

When thinking about these common hotel spaces, don't forget to include any tech equipment, including:

  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Projectors
  • Audio-visual components
  • Televisions 

What else SHould you Consider for Your Hotel Casegoods Design?

Our free e-boo, 14 Factors To Consider In Hotel Furniture Design, is packed with hotel furniture design information guaranteed to enhance your casegoods. 

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Creating a Reserve FF&E Budget

The key to developing a good budget for FF&E is planning. There’s no time like the present. 

As we pointed out, FF&E replacement or upgrades often represent a large investment. 

To better meet your future FF&E costs -- including those associated with manufacturing and installation -- build in a reserve amount that incrementally increases each year until it plateaus.

For example, the year after your hotel purchases new FF&E, budget a reserve of about 2%. You can then increase it to 3%, 4%, and 5%, respectively for each of the following 3 years. Continue to allocate 5% to the reserve budget in the following years so there are sufficient funds when it comes time to replace or renovate these items.

A Long-term Investment 

There’s something to the adage “Do it right the first time.”

For hotels, purchasing FF&E that’s built to last is important in protecting the integrity of your investment and ensures a positive ROI. 

Remember, guest rooms and common areas see a lot of use. Quality made FF&E might cost a bit more upfront and require a bigger bite of your budget initially. However, due to their superior materials and workmanship, these elements are likely to last longer over time. This means that you'll have to replace fewer of them over the years due to inferior workmanship.

Having to replace poorly constructed FF&E in these spaces can add up over time and surpass the cost of purchasing quality made products in the first place. 

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