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How Will Steel & Aluminum Tariffs Affect the Hospitality Industry?

The short- and long-term impacts of the Trump administration’s recently enacted steel and aluminum tariffs remain to be seen. To the hospitality industry, tariffs could either actually level the playing field between domestic companies and foreign competitors (as Trump intends) or create a greater overall struggle to build and produce (as tariff opponents fear).


Crafting a Hotel Marketing Plan That’s Worth its Weight in Gold

You may have a beautiful hotel in an even more desirable location. You may have also crafted the perfect contemporary design with stylish, comfortable furniture to make guests feel at home.

But do travelers know about it? What’s enticing them toward your hospitality?


6 Things the Hospitality Industry Learned in 2017

It was the first full year a hotelier sat in the Oval Office. The three-headed battle grew more intense between mainstream hotels, home-sharing companies, and online travel agencies. Hotel mergers, acquisitions, and soft brand openings dominated the market. Technology expanded further to improve the guest experience.


NEWS: Artone Named To The 2016 FDMC 300

Artone was recently named to the FDMC 300!