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Should You Invest in a Boutique Hotel or Franchise?

Boutique or franchise? That is the question when it comes to investing in a hotel.


Best Trade Shows for Hospitality Designers to Attend, Part 2: Hotels

In case you missed it: Part 1 shares our opinion on the best casino trade shows for hospitality professionals that you will for sure want to attend!


8 Hotel Technology Trends Guests Want at Their Fingertips

Let’s start with WiFi. Joking aside, if you haven’t completed that step yet (and your hotel’s not a bonafide nature retreat) you’re about a decade behind the curve.

Guest-centric hotel technology trends today are more complex than ever before. They may require pricey initial investments for hoteliers, but the financial rewards are vast.


4 Cost-Conscious Hotel Furniture Design Tips for Style & Longevity

Let’s balance all the considerations that go into a beautiful, functional, and durable hospitality design project. Of course, financial considerations delineate what’s possible and what’s realistic. But hotel furniture can be engineered and manufactured to meet your desired quality and aesthetic appeal standards.

Here’s how to get on the same page with your custom furniture manufacturer to achieve a hospitality design that stands the test of time.


How Franchise & Boutique Hotel Designs Drive the Hospitality Industry Today

Checking into a hotel room at this very moment, a vacationing guest on the Florida Gulf Coast is delighted to see her accommodations are a spot-on representation of the laidback local beach culture. After all, she did travel to experience it.

Also at this very moment, a hotel guest traveling for business is pleased his accommodations are an aesthetic archive of Chicago’s history. He’s happy the trip isn’t business as usual and that he can feel enriched by the stay.