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Hotel Furniture: Safeguard Your Vision with Value Engineering and Efficient Design

Hospitality industry professionals do everything in their power to make the guest’s experience as carefree as possible. In the hotel furniture industry, the goal of a manufacturer is to build furniture that allows for easy maintenance with the end-user (hotel staff) in mind.

Artone Was Named To The 2016 FDMC 300

Artone was recently named to the FDMC 300!

How a Manufacturer Can Simplify Hotel Furniture Installation From Start to Finish

Your manufacturer’s experience, skill, and industry knowledge of a hotel’s construction site is vital to the final outcome of your design, especially when it comes to installation.

Choosing the Right Hotel Furniture Vendor for Your Next Design


Selecting the right vendor for your next design project ensures that your products are delivered on time, on budget, and meet quality standards.

With hundreds of vendors to choose from, how can you be sure your choice is the right one for you?

Here are four questions to ask yourself before making a decision.

Hotel Furniture: Sustainable Interior Design

Hotel guests are becoming more environmentally conscious, shifting hotel designers’ focus to sustainable interior design.

Sustainable interior design minimizes negative impacts on the environment while maximizing positive impacts.

Hotel Furniture: Quality Control

Quality control is an important part of the hotel furniture manufacturing process. From design, to implementation, to maintenance. Without quality control, there is no guarantee a product will meet quality requirements.

Hotel Furniture: Why Buy Domestic?

You’re a busy designer with a tight deadline and a small budget. It’s hard to pass up cheap manufacturing from overseas.